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goodcausecoupon.com is dedicated to promoting and supporting local charities and local businesses. We feel strongly about “Live Local Love Local.”
We connect local charities, local businesses, and community members, and enable them to work together to create a positive community experience for all.
  •   local businesses provide goodcausecoupon.com with one or more promotional offers, which are turned into digital coupons;
  •   local charities sell digital good cause coupons to community members to raise funds for their causes; 
  •   community members receive exclusive savings when they use the coupons, and more importantly, benefit their charities while supporting local businesses;  
  •   goodcausecoupon.com donates 60% of the profits earned to the local charities.
Supporting local endeavors now becomes easier and more meaningful. If you feel strongly about supporting local charities and businesses at the same time, then join us today! And it’s free!